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Editor-in-Chief: Kshipra Misra
Former Additional Director,
Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences DRDO Delhi
From The Editor's Desk.

Advent of modern technologies is leading to persistent urbanization and capitalism which although favorable to mankind, have a plethora of environmental hazards accompany them. Air pollution, water contamination, greenhouse gas emissions, etc. are manmade tribulations that are leading to depletion of earth’s natural resources. Surveys suggest that availability of clean air and pure water will become the toughest real world challenge of mankind in the near future. Consequently, health perils linked to environmental risk factors are snowballing at an alarming rate. In this outlook, the necessity for propagating awareness for environmental sustainability is more now than ever before. Formation of regulatory bodies and authorities to disseminate societal alertness towards environmental safety is on the rise.

With this perspective, the International Journal of Environment and Health Sciences (IJEHS) proposes to provide a reliable platform to discuss technologies and strategiesformanagementofaforesaidenvironmentalmatters.IJEHShas beenlaunchedasapeer-reviewedquarterly journal that will be quintessential to academicians, industry professionals and researchers who are actively engaged in the areas of environmental issues and related healtheffects. We are pleased to inform that ISSN for IJEHS is now available as 2582-5283.

We invite original research articles, short communications and critical reviews directed towards an academic, clinical and industrial audience. The first section of the journal focuses on burning environmental issues like pollutants and their fate, waste management, resource conservation, remediation technologies, etc. The second section includes all topics relevant to physiological impact of environmental risk factors and application of alternative medicinal approaches as remedial measures. Detailed scope can be found in the home page of the journal ( Notes on development of any novel and validated strategy or tool to address environmental challenges arewelcome. Discussion on proceedings of conferences conducted around an environmental theme will also be considered.All submissions will be meticulously scrutinized by pioneers in the field to ensure publication of only article so high quality and relevance. Authors are requested to take special precautions to avert plagiarism and redundancy.

It is high time that we realize the gravity of circumstances and take potent steps to undo the adversities already triggered. The time is now and the place is here. With this, I wish all our readers a Very Happy New Year, 2020 and I hope our audience and patrons shall come together in this effort to promulgate their part in resurrecting our valuable environment.

Dr. Kshipra Misra


International Journal of Environment and Health Sciences


A persistent necessity for global awareness of the environmental problems and associated health concerns has given rise to forums and regulatory bodies to ensure environmental safety. The International Journal of Environment and Health Sciences aims at providing a platform to discuss technologies and strategies for management of such environmental issues.

Volume 2, Issue 1

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Environmental risk factors of lung cancer -Anita Chauhan, Seema Kalra*

Fermentation of primary sludge at multimillion liters scale and volatile fatty acidproduction for biological nutrient removal -Saurabh JyotiSarma*, Sadegh Hosseini, Angus Chu, Joo Hwa Tay

Genomics and proteomics of Saccharomyces cerevisiae used for biofuel production -Sumit Sharma, Saurabh JyotiSarma*, Satinder Kaur Brar

Algae Derived High-Value Green Bioproducts -Sumit Sharma, Shikha Singh, NilakshiSarma,Chitra Sharma, Saurabh JyotiSarma*,, Satinder Kaur Brar