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Executive Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Kshipra Misra
Former Additional Director,
Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences DRDO Delhi

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Maulin P. Shah
Industrial Wastewater Research Lab,
Division of Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Enviro Technology Limited
Ankleshwar, Gujarat

Dear Esteemed Readers and Contributors,

We are glad to welcome you to another enriching volume of The International Journal of Environment and Health Sciences (IJEHS) published by Save The Environment, Kolkata | Gurugram. The issues published here will be focused on environmental research and sustainability, healthcare and allied topics. We are pleased to inform that ISSN for IJEHS is available as 2582-5283. IJEHS is referenced in Crossref, the official Digital Object Identifier Agency (doi 10.47062). IJEHS is now also indexed in the International Scientific Indexing (ISI).

Our committment to fostering knowledge, innovation and discourse in the field of environmental science remains steadfast. In continuation, a diverse array of articles exploring quintessential topics such as climate change mitigation, biodiversity conservation, sustainable development and innovative indigenous environmental technologies will be featured in IJEHS. We are proud to host contributions from esteemed researchers and bright minds who share resilience in advancing our understanding of the intricate dynamics of human health and environment.

As we browse through the current bottlenecks faced amid a changing climate and growing industry demands, it is the need of the hour that we collectively engage in brainstorming and productive collaboration to develop cutting-edge research and advocate for policies that promote a successful coexistence between humankind and environment.

We invite you to kindly contribute original research articles, short communications and critical reviews directed towards an academic, clinical and industrial audience. The first section of the journal focuses on burning environmental issues like pollutants and their fate, waste management, resource conservation, remediation technologies, etc. The second section includes all topics relevant to physiological impact of environmental risk factors and application of alternative medicinal approaches as remedial measures. Detailed scope can be found in the home page of the journal (

All submissions will be meticulously scrutinized by pioneers in the field to ensure publication of only articles of high quality and relevance. Authors are requested to take special precautions to avert plagiarism and redundancy.

We thank all contributors and collaborators who have contributed to the journal in the previous issues, and we wish for your patronage in the upcoming issues too. I wish all our readers a Very Happy New Year, 2024 and I hope our audience and patrons shall come together in this effort to promulgate their part in environment protection.

With best regards,

Dr. Kshipra Misra

Executive Editor-in-Chief

The International Journal of Environment and Health Sciences


A persistent necessity for global awareness of the environmental problems and associated health concerns has given rise to forums and regulatory bodies to ensure environmental safety. The International Journal of Environment and Health Sciences aims at providing a platform to discuss technologies and strategies for management of such environmental issues.